Hope dies last, it’s said, but hope is limited by what the possibilities are. Greece cannot hope that by changing a few faces in government things will change rapidly. Mr. Papandreou will probably won’t continue as Greece’s prime minister, but who’s to take over next? That’s a big problem, because all the political leadership in the country has played various roles in the long road to the economic and political decay.

“Crisis” is a Greek word familiar to all. It also means “judgment”. People under duress don’t usually make good judgments, but the Greeks today can’t afford to make more mistakes. The question is whether they can given the options available to them. It is said that democracy solves problems by allowing for a dialogue and change of leadership. But, there has to be a new kind of dialogue based on reality, and new leadership that won’t do what most governments and leaders have done in the last 20 years.

So, what’s next? A government of so-called national unity to replace the current one is a proposal, except those who are familiar with the Greek reality, such governments don’t last and aren’t effective. Who’s going to be part of this coalition government? Members of the PASOK, New Democracy, KKE, and other career politicians? They all have been part of this failure, which includes leaders of parties that haven’t governed but they have grave responsibilities in perpetuating a system of patronage, corruption, and delusional policy proposals.

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