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The expedition in Afghanistan by the international forces since 2001 has resulted so far in a titanic failure not only in terms of stabilizing and neutralizing international terrorism, but also in themes such as transnational drug trade, along with major corruption concerns.

First of all international forces plus the existing formal governmental ones of Kabul, control securely less than 30% of the country or 70% of its territory but not in a secure manner, meaning that bands of Jihadists, organized crime syndicates and local warlords are in possession of strength in these areas.

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Political & Security Analyst-Consultant Ioannis Michaletos is an associate of the Institute for Defense & Security Analysis and the Mediterranean Center For Strategic Analysis and Intelligence in Athens, Greece. He is a political and security consultant for the IHS Jane’s Information Group and a Southeast European correspondent for the European Oil & Gas Monitor and the European Energy Review. He is an author and research coordinator for the Balkanalysis regional media service. Mr. Michaletos leads the Southeast European office of the World Security Network Foundation, contributes to the BRIGHT magazine in issues of Balkan organized crime, and is a member of the FLARE network (European network of civil society against transnational organized crime).