Greek Economy and Development Alternate Minister Alexis Charitsis on Tuesday approved the inclusion of two new funding tools to a Public Investment Program, worth 1.5 billion euros to be covered by public and private funds.

The new funding tools are Saving II Fund and Entrepreneurship II Fund. Funding will begin this month with the disbursement of an approved advance payment covering 25 pct of total funds.

In a statement, Charitsis said: “We implement our commitment to activate by the end of 2016 very important funding tools to support real economy and employment. The new “Saving at home” program will revitalize the construction sector, while the the Entrepreneurship Fund will offer very significant liquidity to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Combined with a new, innovative Holding Fund -the first ever in Greece- in December, real economy will be supported with a total of 2.0 billion euros in the last month of 2016. With the activation of these tools we support the dynamic and innovative small- and medium-sized entrepreneurship.”

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