Tsipras: Greece is emerging from the crisis, meeting commitments

Posted on December 23, 2016, 4:47 pm
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Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday officially opened the last section of the Moreas motorway for use by the public, inaugurating the Kalamata Ring Road during his visit to the city on the southern shores of the Peloponnese. The completion of the ring road also marked the completion of the main road axis for the Peloponnese, Tsipras said, while joking that this will be free for citizens travelling for general elections “but it will be a long time before you enjoy this benefit because the elections won’t be held until September 2019.”

Tsipras noted that the Moreas highway had been a project stalled since 2013 when the government took over power, while there was a clause saying that if the project was not completed by March 2017, the country would have to pay fines amounting to 504 million euros. Through a revised contract signed by Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Minister Christos Spirtzis, he said, the government ensured the project’s completion and also helped to protect the state’s interests, saving more than 200 million euros.

Among others, the new agreement provided for the installation of a new system of road tolls, based on the distance traveled, at the expense of the concessionaire and a study for a decrease in the overall cost of road tolls, including discounts for local users, exemptions for special categories of users and provision for the needs of local residents where no alternative road network was available.

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