Nikos Kotzias

“Cyprus must evolve into a bizonal, bicommunal federation with full sovereignty as a member of the EU and the UN. The geopolitical interests of a third country cannot be a criterion for a solution to the Cyprus issue,” Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said in an interview published in the newspaper “Real News” on Sunday.

“Anyone who has a different opinion — and of course they have a right to that — has to tell us how they define ‘the Cyprus problem,” Kotzias added, “…do they perhaps want a solution of ‘a little sovereignty and a little occupation’? In any case, it will be more useful for them to state their opinion outright, rather than committing hubris, as they have been doing so far.”

“Turkey has to realise that, in the modern world, a third country cannot control an EU member state,” the foreign minister said. “The EU cannot accept rights of intervention or, therefore, guarantees on its territory. There are already expert legal opinions on this. But what’s more, no one in the modern world can accept something like this for a member state of the UN. Let those who are railing against our policy explain to us, at long last, why they have another opinion and what they base it on,” he noted.

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