Greek annual inflation rate rose to 1.7 pct in March this year, from 1.3 pct in February and -1.5 pct in March 2016, boosted by price increases in food products, alcohol, cigarettes, heating oil and transport.

Hellenic Statistical Authority, in a monthly report on the consumer price index, said the March increase was attributed to price increases in food/beverage (+1.6 pct), alchohol/tobacco (+2.8 pct), clothing/footwear (+0.1 pct), housing (+3.6 pct), transport (+8.6 pct), communications (+2.1 pct) and hotel/restaurants (+1.7 pct). On the other hand, prices fell by 3.3 pct in durable goods, 2.7 pct in health, 1.2 pct in entertainment, 0.3 pct in education and 2.0 pct in other goods and services.

The consumer price index grew 1.8 pct in March from February 2017, after an 1.3 pct increase recorded in the same period last year. Greece’s harmonized inflation rate grew 1.7 pct in March, after an 1.4 pct increase in February and a 0.7 pct decline recorded in March 2016. On a monthly basis, harmonized inflation grew 1.4 pct in March after an 1.1 pct rise recorded in the same period last year.

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