Greek Government: We have reasons to believe there will be white smoke by Sunday

Posted on April 28, 2017, 10:07 am
2 mins

“There are great social problems that need to be solved step by step, but for the first time we are facing the exit of the seven-year crisis”, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Friday said in an interview to Kokkino radio station.

He underlined that the issues remaining to be solved are technical, adding that “we are very close to finding solutions.”

Asked whether there will be white smoke on the issue of the programme review, he said that this is the target and “we are working towards that direction.”

“We have reasons to believe that the text of the supplementary memorandum and the agreement with the IMF will have closed by Sunday so that we can then conclude the draft bill with the prior actions, submit it to parliament and vote it. The compliance report must be then written by the institutions and submitted at the Eurogroup on 22 May,” he said.

He underlined that with the conclusion of the agreement on Sunday the negotiations on the mid-term measures on the Greek debt will intensify.

He pointed out that what is being discussed now is the mid-term measures to be implemented after the end of the programme. He underlined that the IMF is asking for a more specific description of the measures, which will be implemented once the programme has been successfully completed. “In this regard, I think there will be a political solution,” he underlined. He added that all sides are working in that direction and he estimated “the chances are high”.

He stressed that “this is why we are focused on this target, because the country’s entry into the quantitative easing program of the ECB depends on this development “.

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