Authorities will not tolerate violence from extreme right-wing elements against migrants and incidents will be punished harshly, Alternate Minister for Civil Protection Nikos Toskas said in a statement released on Monday.

The statement responded to a news report published in “Efimeritha ton Syntakton” on Sunday which presented evidence linking an active police officer with the extreme-right Golden Dawn party and to Sunday’s attacks against migrants in Aspropyrgos.

“You know what the situation was previously and what is now. Therefore, every Greek citizen can make the comparison. We are not willing to tolerate the slightest violence by extreme elements against any immigrant. In this country the law must be enforced and will be enforced,” he said.

“And the law will be harsh in dealing with those who commit violence. The same applies to any extreme right-wing element, whether it appears with a legitimate facade or not,” he added.

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