Greek unemployment rate eased to 21.7%

Posted on July 31, 2017, 10:30 am
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Greek unemployment rate eased to 21.7 pct in April from 22 pct in March, Eurostat said in a report released on Monday.

In the Eurozone, the unemployment rate eased to 9.1 pct in June from 9.2 pct in May -the lowest level since February 2009, while in the EU-28, the unemployment rate was unchanged at 7.7 pct. In the Eurozone, the unemployment rate was 10.1 pct and in the EU-28 8.6 pct, in June 2016, respectively.

A total of 18.725 million people were unemployed in the EU-28 and 14.718 million unemployed in the Eurozone in June.

Greece (21.7 pct in April) and Spain (17.1 pct) recorded the highest unemployment rates, while Czech Republic (2.9 pct), Germany (3.8 pct) and Malta (4.1 pct) the highest rates.

In Greece, the number of unemployed people totaled 1.041 mllion in April. The unemployment rate among men was 18.2 pct and among women 26.2 pct. Unemployment among young people (below 25 years old) was 45.5 pct in April from 45.7 pct in March.

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