Russian missile program raises concerns among NATO countries


Posted on September 01, 2017, 2:18 pm
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NATO countries are considering a reaction of the military organization of the West in the event of a violation by Russia with respect to inter-active nuclear systems, FOCUS News Agency reported.

According to information from the Bavarian daily Die Suddeutscher Zeitung, the Alliance member states have drafted a secret document containing a total of 39 response options. The media reported that one of the proposed options is to extend nuclear deterrence by NATO. Additionally, there are recommendations to install more early warning systems, to strengthen underwater protection and to use B-2 and B-52 bombers more often in Europe.

It is also proposed that in Europe the capacity of aircraft capable of carrying an arsenal of atomic bombs be increased. However, the authors also consider an option to invite Russia to the negotiating table. A NATO spokesman did not want to comment on the alleged existence of such a document or who could be his author. But he confirmed that there are already formal discussions within the Alliance over compliance with the Middle East Missile Decommissioning Agreement and possible consequences for NATO’s security policy in the event of its violation. The allegations that Russia does not comply with the 1987 agreement come from the United States. It remains questionable whether they are backed by the other 28 NATO partners.

Source: Sofia News Agency


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