Until November 19, the Acropolis Museum and the Onassis Foundation offer kids the opportunity to participate in a series of educational programs taking place at the museum and at the Onassis Library.

In the context of the “εmotions, a world of feelings” exhibition, these programs are designed to help children 4-14 years old acquaint themselves with the myths associated with the 129 masterpieces in the exhibition, to come up with their own stories, design ancient masks, and embark on a journey of emotions.

On Saturdays, events are hosted at the Onassis Library; on Sundays, at the Acropolis Museum. Saturday programs begin with a tour of the exhibition at the museum.

Admission is free, and includes one child and their guardian. Due to limited availability, reservations are required.

For more information on the educational programs, visit the Acropolis Museum’s website.


Source: ERT