ERT launches the era of hybrid television

Posted on December 04, 2017, 5:16 pm
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On Monday, December 4, ERT launched the ERT Hybrid Hybrid Service Platform, which will be freely available to those who have HbbTV-Ready smart TVs and internet access.

The ERT Hybrid platform includes the following services:

  • Catch-up Video, which contains almost the entire ERT television program broadcasted over the past eight days.
  • Exclusive broadcasts of sports events on the ERTPlay online channel.
  • Video on Demand, with a selection of the thematic categories (Archives, Sports, News, etc.) of the ERT TV program.
  • Possibility of listening to the 27 radio stations of ERT, with useful information such as program etc.
  • The program of all ERT channels for the next hours and days.
  • An interactive application for the weather.

The new broadcast standard allows Internet services to be integrated into televisions alongside the linear TV broadcast program.