Package of proposals by Nimetz on the name of FYROM

Posted on January 18, 2018, 12:49 pm
37 secs

UN special mediator on the naming dispute Matthew Nimetz presented a series of proposals and ideas to the representatives of Greece and FYROM, Adamantios Vassilakis and Vasko Naumovski, respectively, regarding the name of the neighboring country. Mr. Nimetz has not disclosed further details, however he stated that it is unrealistic to expect that FYROM will accept a name that will not include the term “Macedonia”. Both sides are now called to carefully study the proposals in the following weeks, and then Mr. Nimetz will most probably visit Athens and Skopje, where meetings will intensify if he sees that there is the will.

In a first reaction, FYROM’s negotiator commented, “the proposals are far from a decent solution”, however he stressed that he will communicate them to the State and political leaders of his country, who will make the final decisions. On its part, Greece hopes that the proposals of Nimetz will lead to a solution, however it underlines that the composite name that will be given to the neighboring country should be used uniformly, and that there should not be a window of a double name, which could hide irredentist aspirations.


Source: ERT