Turkish provocation escalates in Aegean Sea

Posted on February 14, 2018, 2:04 pm
16 secs

A vessel of the Hellenic Coast Guard was damaged when rammed by a Turkish coastguard vessel on Monday midnight. The provocative action took place when the Greek vessel, with 27 people crew, was patrolling in the sea area of Imia. After the incident, the Turkish coastguard vessel set sail towards the Turkish coast, while the Operations Centre of the Hellenic Coast Guard informed right away the Ministry of National Defense and the Foreign Ministry about the incident.

Greece strongly protested about the incident in question, however the tension escalated when the Turkish Foreign Ministry released an announcement stating that Imia belongs to Turkey and that Greece misinforms the Greek public opinion. The Greek Foreign Ministry replied instantly through its spokesperson, Alexandros Gennimatas, who stressed, “Apart from being extreme, Turkey has also lost common sense. It does not only violate international law, but it also proves that it is ignorant of geography.”


Source: ERT