A headless statue of Aphrodite unearthed at Thessaloniki metro

Posted on February 25, 2018, 4:33 pm
53 secs

A great archaeological discovery came to light during the construction of the Thessaloniki metro. It is a headless statue of the goddess Aphrodite, which was located at the Saint Sofia site, very close to the watercourse building.

The find was announced in a Facebook post by Attiko Metro Inc. president, Giannis Mylopoulos, who dubbed the statue “the Thessaloniki metro Aphrodite.”

In the post, Mr. Mylopoulos mentions that “most recent among 300,000, and perhaps one of the most… beautiful findings of the Thessaloniki metro archaeological excavations, is this headless Aphrodite. It was found on the Saint Sophia site, very close to the impressive watercourse building.”


Source: ERT