OECD report on education in Greece

Posted on April 20, 2018, 12:40 pm
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The need for indefinite employment contracts, the increase of education funding, decentralization and the autonomy of school units, changes in the Pan-Hellenic admission exams, as well as review are some of the issues discussed in the new, updated OECD report, entitled: “Education for a Bright Future in Greece”. “The report is extremely improved compared to that of 2011,” Minister for Education, Research and Religious Affairs Kostas Gavroglou stressed, during the report presentation on Thursday. Mr. Gavroglou also stated that when talks with the OECD started, in January 2016, “there was much divergence and only a little convergence, while today there is much convergence and only a little divergence.”

OECD Chief of Staff and Head of the OECD-Greece Joint Steering Committee Gabriela Ramos stressed that the role of the OECD is to specify policy axes, not to impose policies. The recovery of Greece’s economy is encouraging, she added, and expressed the hope that education will follow the same path.

Source: ERT