The bill on the ratification of the agreement with Greece, signed in the village of Psarades in Prespes on Sunday, will be presented to the Parliament of FYROM on Tuesday. Political analysts and the media in FYROM estimate that the bill will be ratified, given that a simple majority is required. After the agreement is approved, the bill must be sent to President Ivanov for signing. In case Ivanov exercises his veto, as he has stated, the agreement will return to the Parliament and will have to be passed by an absolute majority, meaning that 61 MPs will have to vote in favor of the agreement. Should this condition be fulfilled, the agreement will return again to the President, who will have to sign it according to the Constitution.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has stated that after the agreement is ratified by FYROM’s Parliament, a referendum should be held and the Constitution should be amended. Following these procedures, “We will also ratify the agreement,” he said.