In an exclusive interview with ERT, the Prime Minister of FYROM Mr. Zoran Zaev stated that he is proud of the Prespes Agreement, noting that it is an attempt to ensure a positive future in the region and a potential to cooperate at every level.

At the same time, Mr. Zaev sent a message of friendship to the Greek people, emphasizing that his country is changing its Constitution because they believe in this friendship and expressed his conviction that the Agreement will bring prosperity to the citizens of both countries.

“We are not part of the Hellenistic history of Macedonia”, clarified the Skopjan Prime Minister making it clear that his country recognizes and accepts the Hellenistic Macedonian identity.

Regarding the Agreement, Mr. Zaev said that it has not been an easy process and announced that the referendum on the approval of the Agreement will be held in September or early October, while the Agreement will be ratified in the Parliament of our neighboring country in January 2019.


Source: ERT