Unemployment, this June, dropped to 19.1%, compared to 21.3% in June 2017 and 19.3% in May 2018. The unemployment rate for young people up to 24 years old dropped below 40% for the first time after many years. Labor Minister Efi Achtsioglou stated that despite the fact that unemployment is still high, more than 300,000 unemployed persons have found a job in the last three years, and this allows us to be optimistic.

According to a research by the Hellenic Statistical Authority, it is estimated that 3,863,337 people are currently employed, which means a 2.2% increase compared to June 2017 and a 0.5% increase compared to May 2018. Unemployment for women (23.8%) remains significantly higher compared to unemployment for men (15.3%), while the highest unemployment rates are recorded in the ages 15-24 years old (39.1%) and 25-34 years old (23.2%). As for the geographical breakdown, the highest unemployment rates are recorded in Epirus and Western Macedonia (24.4%).


Source: ERT