BRUSSELS (ANA/C. Vasilaki) “What was agreed must be implemented,” European Commission deputy chief spokesperson Alexander Winterstein said here on Friday, when asked to comment on reports that Greek authorities and the institutions’ mission in Athens have agreed that pension cuts scheduled to kick in as of January 2019 need not go ahead.

“Pacta sunt servanda,” the spokesperson replied in response to questions, echoing recent statements on the issue made by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

“When it comes to the European Commission there is only one source and the president is on the record, on this very question, since Wednesday. The position is crystal clear: pacta sunt servanda. This is the only position that you need to look at and the rest you can discard,” Winterstein said.

He refused to elaborate further when asked to clarify whether Juncker was referring to the 3.5 pct of GDP primary surplus target that Greece is required to deliver or to the individual measures discussed, such as the pension cuts.

He also refused to either confirm or deny information from Greek press sources that the two sides had reached agreement to drop pension cuts during the institutions’ mission in Athens, noting only that the post-program surveillance mission in Athens had come to an end and would shortly issue a statement.


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