PAOK fan handed suspended sentence for throwing paper roll at Olympiacos coach

Posted on October 24, 2018, 12:20 pm
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A 27-year-old PAOK supporter has been given a 12-month suspended jail sentence for throwing a cashier paper roll at the former coach of Olympiacos, Oscar Garcia, resulting in the derby between the two sides being called off in February.

Garcia was lightly injured in the incident.

Based on recently adopted laws taking a tougher stance on sports violence, the misdemeanors court decided that for the next two years, the fan must present himself to his local police station on days PAOK plays and stay there until the game is over.

A policeman who was on duty at the game described to the court the atmosphere at the match. “During the entry of the teams there was a lot of enthusiasm. It was a game that decided the title. Thousands of paper rolls were thrown,” he said.

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