According to the Albanian media, Greek expatriate Konstantinos Katsifas raised the Greek flag in a military cemetery of Greeks killed in battle, at the village of Bularat in Albania, on the occasion of the national anniversary of October 28th. However, a little later, the Albanian police took the flag down, and the Greek expatriate started shooting.

According to an announcement by the Albanian police, the Greek expatriate refused to surrender when chased by men of the Special Forces, and he started shooting; the Albanian police officers then shot back, and Konstantinos Katsifas dropped dead.

In an announcement, the Greek Foreign Ministry offered its condolences to the Greek expatriate’s family, and stated that it closely follows the developments related to the incident. “It is unacceptable that the operation led to the loss of human life. We await for the Albanian authorities to provide complete clarification about the conditions under which the Greek citizen lost his life,” reads the announcement.


Source: ERT