The Voice of Greece renewed program starts Mon, Nov. 12


Posted on November 12, 2018, 12:28 pm
2 mins

The new program of the VOICE OF GREECE, ERT’s radio station addressed to the Greeks of the Diaspora, starts airing on Monday, November the 12th.

With special broadcasts focused on the news of the Greeks of the Diaspora, which are now the major part of the program, the VOICE OF GREECE opens its microphones to all Greeks and becomes their own voice, transferring the personal experiences, the problems, but also the dreams of our expatriates from every corner of the earth.

The personal success stories of important expatriates in the fields of science, culture, entrepreneurship and sport unfold with interviews and special tributes at the broadcasts of the VOICE OF GREECE, proving that, beyond the borders, there is another Greece that carries the homeland in its heart and never ceases to create.

Leading hominid organizations (federations, communities, associations) from various corners of the earth will also be present, highlighting the focuses of Hellenism throughout the world.

Moreover, the VOICE OF GREECE, via the promotion and dissemination of the Greek language and Greek culture, integrates two-minute tributes to poetry into its program. Each week is devoted to a modern or classic Greek poet as well as to the poets of the Diaspora. Beloved poets and actors will recite radio performances so that one Greek poem per day will travel through the station’s frequencies across the globe.

At the same time, the informative, cultural, musical and sports programs of the station are being continued and enriched, presenting all the important events of the moment and transferring the image of modern Greece to even the most remote parts of the planet.

Finally, the station’s foreign language news bulletins, aimed at thousands of philhellenes, as well as third and fourth generation Greeks who do not know our mother tongue, are continuing.


  • Shortwave: 9420 KHZ for Europe & North America
  • 11645 KHZ for Central & South Africa
  • 9935 KHZ for Europe Central America

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