We have an obligation towards the constitution to look for wider synthesis and consensus, main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during plenary discussions for the revision of the constitution on Wednesday, but added that this is now impossible as Greece is already in pre-election period.

The government is using every weapon to divide the country and harm its political opponents, he continued.

The New Democracy (ND) leader repeated his proposal that this parliament should approve as many articles as possible for revision, before the next parliament votes on them. In this way, he said, the citizens will also participate in the process through the election that will have happened in the meantime.

Mitsotakis said his party rejects the government’s proposal allowing more referenda and the proposal of adopting an electoral system based on proportional representation.

On relations between church and state, the ND leader said that no revision is required and added that his party comes to discuss the constitutional revision with three principles in mind. The new constitution needs to:

  • guarantee continuity and protect the parliament and the judicial system
  • provide a stable economic environment, conducive to fiscal stability and growth
  • ensure equality and social solidarity

Mitsotakis said that his party is in agreement with two of the government’s proposals, i.e. disassociating the process of electing the Greek President from a potential dissolution of parliament and changing the article concerning MP immunity. He added that ND welcomes the prospect of changing article 16, currently prohibiting the operation of private universities in Greece.

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