Accounts of former PM Kostas Simitis to be investigated

Posted on November 16, 2018, 11:29 am
18 secs

The Anti-Money Laundering Authority has requested in writing that the accounts of former Prime Minister Kostas Simitis, his wife, his brother and two former ministers of his government be opened. The request was sent to five banks on October 30, and the banks are required to submit all the details of the accounts from 2000 up to this day.

According to an article published in the newspaper “Ta Nea”, the Authority’s document does not mention for which case file these accounts have to be opened, but it is presumed that the case regards the procurement of the C4I security system used in the Olympics of 2004.

On his part, Mr. Simitis stated that his accounts may as well be investigated as he has nothing to hide, and stressed that he will address the slander, after he finds out which people are involved. “History is not written by the occasional holders of executive power,” he said.


Source: ERT