Greek anarchists claim Russian Consulate grenade blast


Posted on April 19, 2019, 1:03 pm
4 secs

A Greek anarchist group on Thursday claimed responsibility for exploding a grenade outside the Russian Consulate in Athens in March.

In a statement on anti-establishment website Indymedia validating the hit, the group calling itself “FAI/IRF Revenge Plot” accused Moscow of torturing arrested anarchists.

They dedicated the attack to MikhailZhlobitsky, a 17-year-old anarchist killed in a suicide bombing at the regional offices of federal security service FSB in Arkhangelsk in October.

The Athens grenade explosion on March 22 caused no injuries. The consulate was closed at the time.

Domestic far-left outfits regularly carry out acts of violence against diplomatic missions in Greece.

FAI/IRF is associated with the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, a Greek anarchist group, several of whose members are serving long prison terms for letter bomb attacks.


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