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FYR Macedonia says Greek military plane violated its airspace

A Greek military airplane entered FYR Macedonia's airspace at 10:30 CET on Thursday, Skopje-based TV Telma has reported.
B92: April 14, 2016

Greece launches military exercise over migrant camp

The Greek army launched an unscheduled military exercise Thursday along its border with FYR Macedonia and a cluster of islands near Turkey, with fighter jets passing over a tent city in Idomeni near the border.
April 14, 2016

War games in Greece near FYR Macedonia, Turkey amid migration row

The Greek army on Thursday staged a double military exercise on its border with FYR Macedonia and an island cluster near Turkey, officials said, amid tension with Skopje over the refugee crisis.
Breitbart News: April 14, 2016

European navies eye Libyan waters to deter migrants

European governments are weighing whether to order naval forces to move into Libyan territorial waters to confront people smugglers, a new phase in a nine-month naval interdiction that has seen 83 large smuggler boats destroyed or impounded off the coast of Libya.
April 14, 2016

FYROM makes demarche to Greece's Liaison Office in Skopje

FYROM's Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that it has made a demarche to the Liaison Office of Greece in Skopje, in response to the oral demarches of the head of the Liaison Office of Greece in FYROM
April 12, 2016

Tsipras: FYROM police stance towards refugees in Idomeni is shameful

The first joint front against austerity policies and in favour of adopting alternative policies in the EU was formed by the governments of Greece and Portugal on Monday,
April 12, 2016

Second formation of Turkish fighter jets enter Athens FIR

A second group of Turkish F-4 Phantom II fighter jets and a KC-135 aerial refueling aircraft entered Athens' FIR at 14.59 (local) without submitting flight plans on Monday, Greece's National Defence General Staff said on Monday.
April 12, 2016

The use of violence against refugees is dangerous and reprehensible, Refugee Crisis Body spokesman says

The use of tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades from FYROM forces against vulnerable populations, and even without force majeure, is a dangerous and reprehensible practice," the spokesman of the Refugee Coordination Crisis Management Body Giorgos Kyritsis said
April 10, 2016

Police fire tear gas at migrants on FYR Macedonian-Greek border

FYR Macedonian police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at hundreds of migrants as they tried to break through a border fence on the Greek side of the countries' shared border.
April 10, 2016

Closed borders, changing rules splinter families fleeing war

Greece faces uncertainty with more than 50,000 refugees and other migrants trapped on its northern border with FYR Macedonia and crowded into camps, detention centers and makeshift settlements.
April 9, 2016