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Turkey uses special powers to halt metal workers strike

After just two days of a nationwide strike by Turkey’s Metal Workers Union, the government invoked emergency powers to postpone the strike for 60 days, claiming national security was threatened.
March 12, 2015

Merkel declines Putin's invite for WW2 commemoration in Moscow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not attend an official ceremony in Moscow on May 9 to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two due to tensions of the Ukraine crisis, government officials said on Wednesday.
Reuters: March 11, 2015

NATO chiefs warn EU not to duplicate military resources

The civilian and military heads of NATO cautioned the European Union on Wednesday against duplicating efforts following remarks by the president of the EU Commission suggesting the bloc should develop an "EU army" to deter Russia.
Reuters: March 11, 2015

Nemtsov murder suspect may have confessed under torture

A member of the Kremlin's human rights council said there are reasons to believe the prime suspect in the killing of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov confessed under torture.
March 11, 2015

Putin recounts how he gave orders to ‘save’ Yanukovych, ‘return’ Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he ordered security officials in February 2014 to make plans to "save the life" of Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine's then-president, and to start planning for Russia's annexation of Crimea.
March 9, 2015

Greek jets violate Turkish airspace over Aegean Sea

Two Greek F-16s and one military helicopter have violated Turkish airspace, the Turkish General Staff stated on Saturday.
Today's Zaman: March 8, 2015

Turkey slams Greek minister for ‘stirring tension in Aegean’

The recent actions and statements of the Greek defense minister are “unacceptable and are raising the tensions in the Aegean,” Turkey has said amid escalating tension between neighbors.
Journal of Turkish Weekly: March 8, 2015

Turkey cracks down on political dissent, again

Prosecutors are increasingly demanding jail time for people engaging in political dissent — from a former beauty queen to a top newspaper editor. And their efforts are likely to intensify in the run-up to June's general election even as human rights groups voice alarm over the crackdown.
March 7, 2015

Tajik opposition leader Kuvatov shot dead in Turkey

A Tajik opposition leader has been shot dead by an unknown attacker in the Turkish city of Istanbul, Tajik opposition sources have told the BBC.
BBC: March 6, 2015