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US, Turkey working to overcome strains

Disagreements over Syria policies have strained relations between allies Turkey and the United States.
July 21, 2015

Blast near Turkey's border with Syria kills 28

A suicide bombing in Turkey's southeastern city of Suruc has killed at least 28 people and left nearly 100 others injured.
July 20, 2015

Strategic concerns impact Greek crisis

When Greek and other European leaders came to the 17th hour of their all-night talks that culminated in an agreement Monday morning, their immediate concerns were economic.
July 14, 2015

Russia: Possibility of Greece leaving euro zone grows every day

The probability of of Greece leaving the euro zone grows every day, Russian Economic Development Minister Alexey Ulyukayev told TASS Thursday.
July 9, 2015

FYROM tells banks to pull money from Greece

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) ordered its banks on Sunday to pull their money from Greek banks and imposed "preventive measures" to limit the outflow of capital to its southern neighbour, threatened by financial meltdown.
Reuters: June 28, 2015

Foreign Minister Kotzias in FYROM visit

Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias will visit FYROM on Wednesday to meet with FYROM Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki.
June 24, 2015

Turkey warns US about Kurdish advances in Syria

Ankara has warned the United States and Western powers of red lines when it comes to the Kurds and their military advances against Islamic extremists in northern Syria,
June 23, 2015

Russia and Greece flaunt solidarity at forum, but real cooperation is scarce

The leaders of Russia and Greece produced a grand pageant of solidarity, friendship and supposed economic cooperation at Russia’s annual gathering for global business executives Friday, but the embrace seemed mostly about thumbing their noses at Europe.
Udaipur Kiran: June 20, 2015

Kremlin: Russian loan not discussed in Tsipras-Putin talks

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman says the question of Russian financial aid for Greece was not discussed during talks between the leaders of the two countries.
Seattle Post Intelligencer: June 19, 2015

Greece-Russia announce their engagement to implement the "South European Pipeline"

Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis and the head of the State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)" Dmitriev Vladimir
June 19, 2015