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Ouster of Turkish PM rekindles dissent in ruling AKP

Since the ousting of Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, pro-president media outlets are appealing for unity and loyalty to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The calls come as his removal provokes uncharacteristic dissent within the party, being played out on social media.
May 18, 2016

PM Tsipras to meet Turkish President Erdogan on May 23 in Istanbul

The meeting of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will take place on May 23 in Istanbul, according to sources.
May 18, 2016

Turkish authorities seeking to sue Greek Air Force pilot for downing Turkish F-16 in 1996

An Ankara prosecutor on Tuesday sent a letter to Greece's Supreme Court Prosecutor asking for judicial assistance in bringing a compensation suit against a Hellenic Air Force pilot for felling a Turkish fighter jet.
May 17, 2016

Turkey on edge as officials warn of Islamic State threats

Turkey went on high alert Monday after intelligence officials warned of possible imminent Islamic State bombing attacks as Turks prepare to celebrate a national holiday.
May 17, 2016

Turkey EU deal farce: ONLY 400 migrants landing in Greece have been returned to Ankara

EUROPE’S deal with Turkey is FAILING to stem the tide of migrants into Greece after it emerged less than five per cent of asylum seekers have been sent back to Ankara. May 17, 2016

Erdogan & the International Criminal Court

Erdogan's actions and hypothetical scenario of facing charges in the International Criminal Court
Ioannis Michaletos: May 16, 2016

Erdogan: Turkey has killed 3,000 IS fighters

Turkish forces have killed 3,000 Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says, insisting no other country has matched its efforts against the extremists.
May 11, 2016

Current Greek counter-terrorism threat assessment

As long as Greece remains a ‘transit’ country rather than a ‘prestige’ target, the overall danger level will be lower than that of Belgium or France.
Ioannis Michaletos: May 9, 2016

Turkey's PM Davutoglu to step down

Turkey's prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, announced Thursday that he would not seek re-election as ruling party chief at the upcoming convention, which means he will leave office.
May 5, 2016

Turkish planes carried out 29 violations of Greek air space on Thursday

Turkish military aircraft carried out 29 violations of Greece air space in the Aegean on Thursday, just days ahead of the Orthodox Easter. These included a flight over the islands Anthropofagi and Makronisi in the Fourni island complex by four Turkish F-16s at 29,000 feet.
April 29, 2016