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Greek recession seen shallower than expected: EU

The recession in Greece this year is forecast to be shallower than expected due to a strong year in tourism and a rise in spending earlier in 2015 brought on by fears that depositors would suffer losses,
Courier Mail: November 5, 2015

Labor minister proposes merging all main social security funds

Labor, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity Minister George Katrougalos proposed merging all main social security funds into one, as one way to reform the sector, according to an interview in Greek financial daily Imerisia.
November 2, 2015

Greek banks get marginally more investable

Greek banks are becoming marginally more investable. European Central Bank stress tests published on Oct. 31 revealed a 14 billion euro capital hole.
Reuters Blogs: November 2, 2015

Dixon: Tsipras’ biggest stress tests yet to come

One stress test is over, but several more are looming. Alexis Tsipras received good news at the weekend when a stress test showed the top Greek banks need to raise a lowish 14.4 billion euros in capital.
Reuters Blogs: November 2, 2015

Greek banks need 14.4 billion euro

The bailout provided for up to 25 billion euros to fix the banks. And the ECB said it had given the four banks concerned – Alpha Bank, Eurobank, NBG and Piraeus Bank – until November 6 to submit plans
TV Newsroom: November 2, 2015

Justifying the doomsayers by default

Every time a step is taken to deregulate the market, two things happen: citizens acquire more choices and doomsayers spell disaster.
Paschos Mandravelis: January 7, 2014

It's not Greece. It's Capitalism, stupid!

The ongoing crisis in Greece consists the epitomy of Capitalist policies's failure in Europe.
Mottas: July 25, 2015