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No public health 'time bomb' from refugee flows, says health official

The General Secretary of Public Health Yiannis Baskozos dismissed on Friday talk that Greece is facing a public health "time bomb" as a result of the large flows of refugees that continue to arrive in the country.
March 6, 2016

WHO: Zika virus spreading explosively in Americas

World Health Organization warns that Zika virus, seen as possible cause of severe birth defects, is spreading rapidly through Americas and could affect as many as 4 million people
January 28, 2016

Special Report: The latest sign of Greece's decay - children's teeth

It was the first time in weeks Anthoula Papazoi had cooked meat. She had stewed the cut of beef, donated by a friend, on a low flame all morning. But now the casserole sat untouched,
Reuters: November 5, 2015

Slowly, but firmly winning the battle with cancer

We are winning the battle with cancer slowly, but firmly, as new, more effective treatments, especially those which strengthen the immune system and those that are personalized based on genetic "profiles" of each tumor and the individual patient,
October 9, 2015

Ebola vaccine is 'potential game-changer'

A vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus has led to 100% protection and could transform the way Ebola is tackled, preliminary results suggest.
BBC: July 31, 2015