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Greek Tomb Held at Least Five Corpses

It wasn't just a single skeleton that lay buried in the mysterious, lavishly decorated tomb in Amphipolis in northern Greece.
Discovery News: January 19, 2015

2014 warmest year on record, say US researchers

2014 was the warmest year on record, with global temperatures 0.68C (1.24F) above the long-term average, US government scientists have said.
BBC: January 16, 2015

Antibiotics: US discovery labelled 'game-changer' for medicine

The decades-long drought in antibiotic discovery could be over after a breakthrough by US scientists.
BBC: January 8, 2015

Two earthquakes jolt Lesvos island

A moderate earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale was recorded at 3:45 on Saturday in the sea region 36 km southwest of Lesvos island.
December 8, 2014

Professor of Medicine Dimitris Trichopoulos dies

-Academic, professor of medicine and epidemiology at Harvard University and at the Kapodistrian University of Athens Dimitris Trichopoulos died early Monday at the age of 76.
December 1, 2014

Ancient Coins Found in Greece's Mystery Tomb

Coins featuring the face of Alexander the Great have been found at the largest tomb ever unearthed in Greece, where archaeologists are hunting for clues to solve the mystery of who lies buried there.
NDTV: November 29, 2014

Antikythera Mechanism, The world’s first computer, is much older than previously thought

Two researchers have conducted a new study trying to better understand the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient Greek mechanism that modeled the known universe 2,000 years ago.
International Business Times: November 29, 2014

Archeologists Surprised by Underwater Ruins Near The Greek Island of Delos

Recent discoveries off the coast of the Greek island named Delos have shined new light on an ancient underwater collection of ruins.
Island Crisis News: November 29, 2014

Professor of Geology Efthimios Lekkas: 5 Richter quake can't be ruled out

-"A new tremor below 5 on the Richter scale cannot be ruled out," professor of Dynamic Tectonic Applied Geology of the Kapodistrian University of Athens and President of Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization Efthimios Lekkas said in an interview with ANA-MPA on Tuesday.
November 18, 2014

Tomb and skeleton discovered at ancient Amphipolis – Pictures

A tomb with a skeleton were discovered during the excavations works at the Kasta hill at ancient Amphipolis.
Euronews: November 13, 2014