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"We are standing before an amazing tomb," archaeologist says

"We are very happy because, right now, we are inside the surrounding peribolos and we are standing before an amazing tomb," the archaeologist in charge of excavations in the ancient Amphipolis site in the region of Serres
August 13, 2014

Greek tomb at Amphipolis is 'important discovery'

Archaeologists unearthing a burial site at Amphipolis in northern Greece have made an "extremely important find", says Greek PM Antonis Samaras.
BBC: August 13, 2014

Greek PM says important tomb found in northern dig

Greece's prime minister says archaeologists excavating an ancient mound in northern Greece have uncovered what appears to be the entrance to an important tomb from about the end of the reign of ancient warrior-king Alexander the Great.
The Missoulian: August 12, 2014

Irrigation project reveals unsullied tholos tomb, the first in Fokis prefecture

A tholos tomb dated to the Late Bronze Age, was uncovered during near Amfissa, in central Greece, during work on a project to provide irrigation for the region's protected and historic olive grove valley near Delphi.
July 31, 2014

Greek satellite launched from NASA Flight Facility in Virginia

The E-Sat satellite(Hellenic Satellite) made by a group of Greek scientists headed by Periklis Papadopoulos was launched on Sunday night from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, USA.
July 14, 2014

World's earliest erotic graffiti found in unlikely setting on Aegean island

Racy inscriptions and phalluses carved into Astypalaia's rocky peninsula shed light on very private lives of ancient Greece
Guardian: July 7, 2014

Light earthquake north of Kassos island

A light earthquake measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale was recorded at 3.34 am on Friday near Kassos island, southern Aegean.
June 13, 2014

Google is to start building its own self-driving cars

Google is to start building its own self-driving cars, rather than modifying vehicles built by other manufacturers.
BBC: May 28, 2014

Israel Presents Crusader Seal to Greek Patriarch

The Israel Antiquities Authority discovered a rare seal from the time the Crusaders ruled Jerusalem in a neighborhood of the modern city.
ABS CBN News: May 27, 2014

Ohio geologists link small earthquakes to fracking

Findings have led the state to issue new fracking permit conditions, the most cautious yet put in place in the nation
Guardian: April 11, 2014