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Greece to move fast to close migrant centres

The new Greek government will move quickly to keep its electoral promise and shut down the country's overcrowded migrant detention centres, a minister said Saturday, following the apparent suicide of an inmate.
The Peninsula Qatar: February 14, 2015

'Grexit' would be no easy ride for austerity-weary Greeks

"Grexit" would be sudden, sharp and probably conducted in the dark of night; if Greece were to quit the euro, it would also mark the beginning of a long, hard road - for some harder still than the one already travelled.
Reuters: February 13, 2015

Chapel Hill murders: Turkish leader challenges Obama

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticised US President Barack Obama for his silence over the murder of three Muslim students in the US.
BBC: February 13, 2015

Former Cypriot minister, son jailed in Greece over arms kickbacks

Cyprus's former interior minister and his son were jailed in Greece on Wednesday for helping a leading Greek politician take millions of euros in kickbacks from arms deals,
eKathimerini: February 11, 2015

At least 200 migrants die on Mediterranean crossing

At least 200 migrants died after trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in inflatable boats, the United Nations refugee agency said Wednesday.
February 11, 2015

Half of Germans want to kick Greece out of Eurozone

A survey has found that 48 per cent of Germans are in favour of Greece leaving the eurozone, compared to only 29 per cent who want them to remain in the currency union.
Breitbart News: February 11, 2015

US charges 6 Bosnian immigrants with aiding terrorists

The U.S. Department of Justice has accused six Bosnian immigrants of sending money and equipment to terrorists overseas, including fighters with the Islamic State group and al-Qaida in Iraq.
February 7, 2015

Greece’s other dispute with Germany

As Athens challenges Berlin on austerity measures, another longstanding conflict hangs in the background — that of World War II reparations
The Times of Israel: February 7, 2015

Greeks spooked by debt clashes put cash under bathroom tiles

Georgios Karavelas drives a taxi in Athens and for the past month has been a silent witness to what ordinary Greeks are doing with their cash.
Bloomberg: February 5, 2015

Austerity drove up Greek suicides by a third

Suicides in Greece surged by a third after the country implemented an austerity programme in June 2011, health investigators said on Monday.
France 24: February 3, 2015