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Greece among 5 member-states with highest poverty hikes during crisis, EU Commission reports

Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Hungary were the EU member states where poverty and social exclusion increased the most during the economic crisis, according to the European Commission's Annual Review
January 15, 2015

Police arrest terrorist Xiros' accomplices

Two persons alleged to be accomplices of convicted terrorist Christodoulos Xiros were arrested on Tuesday evening in Kalamata and are being examined by the anti-terror squad.
January 14, 2015

US watching foreign fighter threat 'very carefully'

The attacks in Paris -- and concerns that more terrorists from a cell linked to Said and Cherif Kouachi are waiting to strike -- have officials in the U.S. taking notice and bracing for what may come next.
January 13, 2015

Next Charlie Hebdo cover to feature Prophet Muhammad

The publishers of Charlie Hebdo said the Prophet Muhammad will be on the cover of the next issue, which comes out on Wednesday.
January 13, 2015

Millions march in France against terrorism

World leaders joined nearly 4 million people in the streets of Paris and around France Sunday, in solidarity with the victims of a terror spree last week that killed 17 people.
January 11, 2015

French police kill 3 gunmen to end hostage crises

French authorities say the two armed suspects in this week's Charlie Hebdo attack have been killed and their hostage freed during a police raid northeast of Paris.
January 9, 2015

'Greece has been sold’

Paul (Da Greek) Tsibidis contemplates his homeland’s struggles as Greek citizens prepare for an historic vote
Lewisporte Pilot: January 9, 2015

Dennis Syntalis, Astoria civic leader who helped bring some of his native Greece to Queens, dies at age 85

Dennis Syntalis helped create Athens Square, an Astoria park and amphitheater that features sculptures of Greek philosopher Socrates and the goddess Athena. He also founded the powerful Greek-American Homeowners Association.
New York Post: January 9, 2015

France mourns; Search continues for 2 suspects

France marks a day of mourning for the deaths of 12 people in Wednesday's shooting attack on the Paris offices of a satirical magazine as a manhunt continues for the two main suspects.
January 8, 2015

Xeros arrest leads to more finds

Police on Tuesday found equipment that could be used to construct 100 bombs at a second hideout allegedly used by Christodoulos Xeros, the November 17 terrorist who was arrested on Saturday after 12 months on the run from authorities.
eKathimerini: January 7, 2015