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Merkel heads to Turkey to try and save EU migrant deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European Union officials will travel to Turkey this weekend to try to smooth over tensions that have arisen since the two sides signed a deal last month to curb the number of migrants pouring into Europe.
April 23, 2016

New meetings between Greek economic staff and institution representatives

Greece's economic staff will meet with the representatives of the institutions on Wednesday.
April 20, 2016

Germany's Merkel says Greece can't have debt haircut in euro zone

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that a debt haircut for Greece was not possible so long it remains in the euro zone, adding that Germany wanted a quick conclusion of a bailout review.
Reuters: April 5, 2016

Migrant crisis: Merkel condemns closure of Balkan route

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blamed European nations for "unilaterally" shutting the Balkan route for migrants.
BBC: March 10, 2016

Merkel’s migration plan will turn Greece into a huge campsite

The German chancellor can save her open-door policy, but she’ll have to spend billions on a pay-off
Gulf News: March 9, 2016

Pavlopoulos to Merkel: Greece will fully comply on refugee crisis, adjustment program

Greece will fully respect fully its commitments both concerning its economic adjustment program and the refugee crisis, but then the country's partners must keep their promise and discuss debt relief, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos
January 18, 2016

EU membership more elusive than ever for Turkey

Moves by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to clamp down on the Kurdish minority and the media before next month’s parliamentary elections are fueling the longstanding skepticism of European leaders,
October 20, 2015

Merkel demands EU partners share in burden of human tide

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reflecting on "a moving, in some parts breathtaking weekend behind us," said Monday that all EU countries could help to accommodate the human tide from the Middle East and Africa.
The Olympian: September 7, 2015

Germany pushes for EU-wide response to migrant crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning to press ahead with efforts to forge a common European strategy on refugees, officials said, following another torrid week in the continent’s migration crisis
August 24, 2015

Greece makes payment to European Central Bank

Greece has repaid $3.5 billion to the European Central Bank, with not a day to spare before the deadline expires.
August 20, 2015