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Chancellor Merkel confirms plans to visit Greece

A spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday confirmed that the German chancellor intends to visit Greece on April 11.
April 2, 2014

Merkel 'vetoes quick aid' for Greece

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blocked a bid by her powerful finance minister to offer fresh aid to Greece ahead of European elections in May, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Sunday.
AFP: February 17, 2014

Angela Merkel fractures pelvis in ski fall

German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffers a partial fracture of her pelvis in a cross-country skiing accident, her spokesman says.
BBC: January 6, 2014

Unhappy with the Troika, Greece turns to Berlin

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will arrive Friday in Berlin for talks. His government, experts say, is in a better position to negotiate today than in the past.
Deutsche Welle: November 20, 2013

Samaras to meet Merkel in Berlin on Nov. 22

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on November 22 in Berlin, according to a statement issued by the chancellor.
November 18, 2013

Merkel in Athens

Merkel's visit gave Samaras' government a much needed boost. Given that the crisis has shattered Greece's old two-party system, the only glimmer of hope for political renewal lies in coalition governments being able to iron out their differences and work together.
Stan Draenos: October 15, 2012

Considering Sovereignty

The strongest members have inevitably joined their forces for the unions' sake.
Paris Karagounis: November 21, 2011

An economic plan for Europe

Greece may actually help the EU if she learns how to value and respect the advice of economic scientists.
Thomas Colignatus: November 4, 2011

On the Verge

The leaders of Germany and France represent now far more than their electorates, and responsibility is crucial.
Paris Karagounis: June 21, 2011

No free passes to debt freedom

Everyone agrees that Greece needs to implement reforms and restructure the public sector. They may not put as much emphasis on these two points as they should, but they always say it.
Paschos Mandravelis: March 12, 2011