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The unpunished politicians and the eroded democracy of Greece

Greece's democracy resembles more the Eastern types of regimes rather than the typical Western Democracies which exist in other European countries.
Thanos Dimadis: May 3, 2011

What Greece needs now is a new hero

Neither the greatest bailout nor best advice is enough alone to save Greece. The key is convincing Greeks to let go of self-defeating behaviors – and that’s not as difficult as some want you to believe.
Vanessa Andris: March 1, 2011

‘’We all together depleted our country’s wealth.’’ Then again, did we?

More half truths from Pangalos. Are there any politicians in Greece that could steer her to a better future?
Paris Karagounis: September 30, 2010

Only one way for Papandreou to regain credibility and society's confidence

“No politician has gone to jail”, is a usual phrase you may hear in political discussions around. Not a surprise, as long as the Greek political system seems to operate many decades now under the umbrella of an immunity.
Mottas: September 1, 2010

The Tragic End of Metapolitefsi

The ongoing financial crisis has proved that Greece passes its most significant economic, political and moreover institutional crisis since 1974. But, moreover, it means the end of the 36 years-long era of ’Metapolitefsis’.
Mottas: May 31, 2010

Greeks resigned to tightening belts

"Either we eradicate the debt, or the debt will eliminate the country," says the Prime Minister.
Daniel Proussalidis: June 1, 2010

What’s the matter with Greece?

The riots in Athens and across Greece have nothing to do with "alienated youth" and everything to do with a society in decline.
Daniel Proussalidis: June 1, 2010