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Greek PM announces cuts to crisis-era taxes

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Saturday announced cuts to unpopular taxes introduced at the height of the country's debt crisis, in a bid to show the nation that over four years of austerity are finally nearing an end.
Business Recorder: September 6, 2014

Greece sees return to growth in the third quarter

Greece expects its economy to grow in the third quarter, its first quarterly expansion since the start in 2008 of a crippling recession that has wiped out nearly a quarter of GDP, its finance minister said on Saturday.
Reuters: September 6, 2014

OECD forecasts persistently high unemployment in Greece for 2015

Unemployment rates in Greece will remain persistently high until the end of 2015 and continue to hover around the current record levels of 27 percent, according to OECD forecast
September 4, 2014

Government negotiations with troika conclude

Greek government ministers negotiations on Wednesday with the EU-IMF troika representing Greece's lenders, discussing issues related to their portfolios were concluded in Paris.
September 4, 2014

Greece reports 3.2 bln euros primary surplus in Jan-July

The Greek government on Wednesday reported a primary surplus of 3.2 billion euros, or 1.8 pct of GDP, in the January-July period this year, from a primary surplus of 1.8 billion, or 1.0 pct of GDP in the corresponding period in 2013.
September 3, 2014

Starting troika negotiations with posturing is not a serious thing, gov't spokesperson says

The negotiations with the troika that will start on Tuesday in Paris have to do with structural reforms and measures that Greece has committed it would implement government spokesperson Sofia Voultepsi said
September 2, 2014

Greece close to emerging from recession

The Greek economy, in recession for six years, shrank again in the second quarter of this year, but by only 0.3 percent, revised data showed on Monday.
AFP: September 1, 2014

Greek economy shrinks at slowest pace since late 2008

Greece's economy shrank a revised 0.3 per cent in the second quarter from a year earlier, contracting at its slowest pace since late 2008, data showed on Monday.
Economic Times: September 1, 2014

Four important meetings ahead of troika's evaluation

Four important events will precede the new evaluation of the Greek economy by the troika, which will probably take place in the last ten days of September.
August 26, 2014

Dendias reports 'positive climate' and German willingness to help after Berlin visit

-Development and Competitiveness Minister Nikos Dendias on Wednesday reported strong satisfaction with the results of his visit to Berlin and his meetings there over the last few days, in exclusive statements to ANA-MPA.
August 21, 2014