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Greece Recovery Gains Momentum in First Bank Bond Sale Since ’09

Greece’s comeback from an international bailout that roiled world markets and threatened to cause a breakup of the euro is underway.
Bloomberg: March 19, 2014

Greece, EU/IMF lenders reach initial deal on bailout aid: sources

Greece and its international lenders have struck an agreement in principle to unlock the next tranche of rescue loans after six months of negotiations, three sources close to talks said on Tuesday.
Reuters: March 18, 2014

Europe should give Cyprus a hand

Sunday marked the anniversary of Cyprus’ shock plan to raid the tiny island’s bank deposits. The envisaged tax, backed by the euro zone, covered all banks and all deposits, whether insured or not.
Reuters: March 18, 2014

Beleaguered Greek sports surviving on 'crumbs'

Greece's beleaguered Olympic sports federations are struggling for their very existence following a new round of cuts in state funding despite several new emergency measures announced on Friday.
Reuters: March 15, 2014

Why regulation — on yogurt and more — is blocking Greece’s recovery

The news that Greek-style yogurt maker Chobani is looking to sell a minority stake that would value the company at around $2.5 billion should in theory be a big boost for Greece’s beleaguered dairy industry.
Reuters Blogs: March 12, 2014

Greek recession slightly deeper than expected

Greece's economy has shrunk by almost 24 percent over the past six years in the deepest and most protracted peacetime recession in its history, according to revised gross domestic product data released on Tuesday.
Reuters: March 11, 2014

When Yannis goes home at the weekends

In the last year, the number of parents applying to have their children taken into care because they are no longer able to look after them has increased 75%
March 10, 2014

Cyprus bailout hit as privatisation bill fails

International efforts to bail out Cyprus' debt-laden economy have been thrown into doubt after its parliament rejected a key part of the plan.
BBC: February 28, 2014

George Soros: 'Economic conditions in Greece have improved'

Economic conditions in Greece have improved, global investor George Soros said in an interview with the German newspaper 'Der Spiegel' on Sunday, when asked if he would invest in the country.
February 23, 2014

Tourism boom drives Greece to first current account surplus on record

Record spending by foreigners as Greece's tourism industry slashed prices helped the country's current account post its first surplus last year since official data began in 1948, central bank figures showed on Wednesday.
Reuters: February 19, 2014