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GROUP D: World Cup Preview

World Cup preview of Group D. The preview profiles each side and discusses their strengths, weaknesses and World Cup aspirations.
Midfield Maestro: June 12, 2014

Euro 2012 Preview: Group D

Euro 2012: A comprehensve preview of Group D which includes the co-hosts Ukraine, England, France and Sweden. (star players, ones to watch, team by team analysis and predictions)
Midfield Maestro: June 6, 2012

Lionel Messi: The Greatest Ever or an Overrated, "Over-hyped", Beneficiary of the Modern Globalised Media?

Is Messi the best footballer of all time, as many pundits state, or has he benefited from circumstances which have made him look better than he is? This article argues that Messi is definitely not the greatest ever & it is ridiculous to make that claim
Midfield Maestro: June 15, 2014