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Greece offers bailout 'improvements,' angers European leaders

Debt-wracked Greece said Tuesday that it had made "improvements" in its financial plan in hopes of collecting more bailout money, but it angered European leaders when its leaders showed up at a summit in Brussels without a written proposal.
July 7, 2015

Analysts: Greece Now More Likely to Leave Euro

Analysts say the resounding “no” vote by Greeks on their country's financial future increases the odds that the nation will have to stop using the euro, and that its current difficult economic situation will worsen.
July 6, 2015

Euro tumbles as Greece heads for the exit

Greek voters saying 'no' to bailout offer
NBC Montana: July 5, 2015

Early Greek vote count shows rejection of more austerity

Voting has ended in Greece's crucial referendum Sunday on the country's economic future that could determine whether Athens is ousted from the 19-nation euro currency bloc.
July 5, 2015

Greeks divided on Sunday's bailout referendum

A poll of Greeks likely to vote in Sunday's referendum on a European bailout proposal indicated they are nearly evenly divided between an up or down vote.
July 3, 2015

The Greek Crisis Goes On While There's No Light as the End of the Tunnel

There aren't any easy paths left for Greece right now. The trick is to find the tunnel whose light signifies progress and eventually a healthy society, and not get into the tunnel whose light is the train coming.
Athinaios: July 3, 2015

Hugo Dixon: How to jump Greece’s next debt hurdle

Greece’s debt issues are acute. They could explode on July 20. Some way needs to be found to defuse the dangers.
Reuters Blogs: July 3, 2015

IMF warns Greece needs debt extension, may require writedown

The International Monetary Fund warned on Thursday that Greece would need an extension of its European Union loans and a potentially a large debt writeoff if it grows more slowly than expected and economic reforms are not implemented.
Reuters: July 2, 2015

Politics trumps economics in Greek debt crisis

So Alexis Tsipras has spoken.
BBC: July 2, 2015

'No' vote 'won't help Greece'

A "No" vote in the Greek referendum on bailout terms would not provide Greece with an easy way out of its economic crisis, the head of the grouping of eurozone finance ministers has said.
BBC: July 2, 2015