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Greek soccer Cup restarts

Deputy Minister of Culture and Sport, Stavros Kontonis, announced on Friday that the Greek soccer Cup will restart, following the deal agreed on Tuesday with FIFA, UEFA and the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO).
April 15, 2016

Greek teams face international ban after Cup halted

Greek teams face a ban from international competition after a meeting on Wednesday between the country's government, FIFA and UEFA officials failed to provide a resolution to the cancelled Greek Cup competition.
AFP: March 31, 2016

Stavros Kontonis: Greece's own Inspector Clouseau

The similarities between Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Pink Panther franchise and real life Stavros Kontonis (Deputy Minister for Sports) are staggering. Greece has once again managed to blur the lines between an outrageous comedy character and a government official.
Themistocles Cala: May 3, 2015

Greece: The Pirate Ship Sinks CIV & Moves On To Conquer Costa Rica

Greece beat Ivory Coast to qualify for the last 16 of the World Cup for the first time in their history. They still have not received the respect they deserve but if they can overcome a very tough opponent in Costa Rica, the dream will continue
Chris Andre: June 28, 2014

GROUP F: World Cup Preview

Preview of World Cup 2014 Group F. Previews and profiles Argentina, Bosnia, Nigeria and Iran. Their strengths, weaknesses and aspirations.
Chris Andre: June 17, 2014

GROUP D: World Cup Preview

World Cup preview of Group D. The preview profiles each side and discusses their strengths, weaknesses and World Cup aspirations.
Chris Andre: June 12, 2014

Group C: World Cup 2014 Preview

Preview of the World Cup 2014's Group C which consists of Greece, Colombia, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), and Japan. The preview will profile each team, discuss their strengths and weaknesses and their aspirations in this tournament
Chris Andre: June 12, 2014

Group B: World Cup Preview

World Cup preview for Group B. The preview profiles the teams of the group: Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia; and discusses their strengths, weaknesses and aspirations for the tournament.
Chris Andre: June 12, 2014

Group A: World Cup Preview

The World Cup is upon us. Here is a preview for Group A. The preview profiles each team, their strengths and weaknesses: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon
Chris Andre: June 12, 2014

Lionel Messi: The Greatest Ever or an Overrated, "Over-hyped", Beneficiary of the Modern Globalised Media?

Is Messi the best footballer of all time, as many pundits state, or has he benefited from circumstances which have made him look better than he is? This article argues that Messi is definitely not the greatest ever & it is ridiculous to make that claim
Chris Andre: June 15, 2014