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Renegotiate the IMF-EU bailout

The IMF-EU rescue package and the austerity program it requires is too onerous for Greek citizens - new bailout package, under new terms, is urgently needed.
Mottas: June 15, 2010

Greeks resigned to tightening belts

"Either we eradicate the debt, or the debt will eliminate the country," says the Prime Minister.
Daniel Proussalidis: June 1, 2010

The Farmers’ Blockades Symbolize the Trap the Greek State Has Created for Itself

The bad news: The bets are against Greece making it out of this financial mess. The good news: The government has nothing more to give. It might as well push back for serious reforms now.
Athinaios: May 31, 2010

This Crisis is Deeper than Economics

The crisis goes beyond the current economic mess. There’s a dysfunctional system that encompasses all major institutions of the country. This is a threat to stability, lawfulness, and an obstacle to progressive reform.
Athinaios: May 31, 2010