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Greek soccer Cup restarts

Deputy Minister of Culture and Sport, Stavros Kontonis, announced on Friday that the Greek soccer Cup will restart, following the deal agreed on Tuesday with FIFA, UEFA and the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO).
April 15, 2016

Stavros Kontonis: Greece's own Inspector Clouseau

The similarities between Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Pink Panther franchise and real life Stavros Kontonis (Deputy Minister for Sports) are staggering. Greece has once again managed to blur the lines between an outrageous comedy character and a government official.
Themistocles Cala: May 3, 2015

Club vs Country: Injuries, Compensation and the "Beautiful Game"

Football clubs are demanding compensation from national football associations with ever increasing frequency. This article attempts to explain why clubs have no moral basis to do this and why it equates to an attack on the "beautiful game".
Chris Andre: September 8, 2011