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Greeks agree UEFA deal to keep teams playing internationally

The crisis in Greek football that led to a threat by UEFA and FIFA to throw them out appears to have been resolved after the country's controversial new sports law,
Inside World Football: May 7, 2015

Stavros Kontonis: Greece's own Inspector Clouseau

The similarities between Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Pink Panther franchise and real life Stavros Kontonis (Deputy Minister for Sports) are staggering. Greece has once again managed to blur the lines between an outrageous comedy character and a government official.
Themistocles Cala: May 3, 2015

Greek minister blasts FIFA, UEFA 'ultimatum'

Greek deputy sports minister Stavros Kontonis said on Wednesday he does not accept ultimatums by world and European soccer's governing bodies FIFA and UEFA.
eKathimerini: April 23, 2015

Deputy Sports Minister : 'Government will not tolerate violence in sports venues'

"The government will not tolerate violence, bullying and any kind of anti-social behavior in sports venues," Deputy Minister for Sports Stavros Kontonis on Thursday said in an interview with ANA-MPA, noting that "the state is responsible towards the society."
March 5, 2015

Greek league set to resume without fans for two weeks

The Greek Super League will resume this weekend after a one-week suspension because of violence at stadiums, but all top-flight matches will be played without fans for the next two weeks.
ESPN Soccernet: March 4, 2015

Deputy Sports Minister: 'We will not accept threats and blackmails'

The decision about the suspension of Greek Super League soccer games was taken because the climate is bad even outside the sports venues, Deputy Minister for Sports Stavros Kontonis on Thursday said in statements to ANT1 TV
February 26, 2015

Soccer federation head resigns

Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) president Giorgos Sarris tendered his resignation on Tuesday during the federation’s board meeting, under the pressure generated by a match-fixing scandal involving 16 people,
eKathimerini: December 26, 2014

Karagounis is coming home

Karagounis has returned home, i.e. in the national team frame, with the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) staging his official presentation on Friday without having a clear-cut job description for him yet,
eKathimerini: October 6, 2014

Club vs Country: Injuries, Compensation and the "Beautiful Game"

Football clubs are demanding compensation from national football associations with ever increasing frequency. This article attempts to explain why clubs have no moral basis to do this and why it equates to an attack on the "beautiful game".
Midfield Maestro: September 8, 2011