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Migrant-smuggling suspect killed in Greece following chase at sea

Authorities say a suspected migrant-smuggler has been shot and killed in Greece after attempting to ram a pursuing coast guard vessel.
The Republic: April 15, 2014

345 migrants rescued off Crete - 47 children

The undocumented migrants found Sunday evening on a boat off Crete have been housed at the Aghia Exhibition Centre in the city of Chania as of Tuesday.
April 10, 2014

Syrians desperate for a new life drown trying to reach Greece

The midnight water was as still as a pond of mercury when the Syrian refugees pushed the craft into the eastern Aegean. An old smuggler lured the weary people into the motorboat with a single word. "Greece," said the man as they stood on a rocky Turkish cove.
Thomson Reuters Foundation: April 4, 2014

End systematic and prolonged detention of migrants, says MSF

Médecins Sans Frontières holds EU co-responsible for harm inflicted on migrants and asylum seekers in Greek detention centres
Enet: April 1, 2014

Coalition disagrees over deportation provision

New Democracy wants to deport migrants found to have made 'false' claims of racism against police
Enet: March 21, 2014

Controversial provision removed from immigration bill for a second time

Greece's Deputy Interior Minister Leonidas Grigorakos on Thursday removed from a draft immigration law a provision that foresaw the expulsion of immigrants
eKathimerini: March 20, 2014

Rescue operation to locate missing migrants off Lesvos continues

The eight undocumented migrants rescued after the capsizing of their dinghy off Lesvos island early on Tuesday were transferred to the Mytilene port to receive first aid and medical care
March 18, 2014

Seven migrants drown near Lesvos

Survivors say they were in a dinghy with 15 people that had taken in water and had begun to sink, in unclear circumstances
Enet: March 18, 2014

UK pledges 2 mln pounds for migrant repatriations

The British Embassy in Athens on Wednesday announced a program for helping local authorities repatriate some 1,500 irregular migrants over the course of the next year. The UK government has pledged 2 million pounds (2.43 million euros) for the scheme.
eKathimerini: February 20, 2014

Refugees are 'unarmed invaders' sent by the Turks, says govt MP

Sofia Voultepsi, a New Democracy MP for Greater Athens, says 'refugees ... are, ultimately, unarmed invaders, weapons in the hands of the Turks'
Enet: February 1, 2014