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Greece pushes for more staff in health, education sectors

Greece said Thursday it wanted to persuade its creditors to let it hire more health staff and teachers in the early stages of its overhaul of the public sector, part of a wider attempt to cushion the blow of harsh austerity.
The Daily Star: January 14, 2016

Public broadcaster ERT reinstated by new government

Lawmakers from Greece's new left-wing government have voted to reinstate the country's public broadcaster, ERT, which was abruptly shut down two years ago as part of austerity measures.
FOX News: April 29, 2015

Unbearable cost

It is often said that our political system is incompetent, but it is doing a perfect job in reproducing the existing model.
Paschos Mandravelis: June 3, 2013

On another planet

In Greece, no one wants to make any cuts. Everyone has a good excuse to keep the state intact.
Paschos Mandravelis: August 10, 2012

No free passes to debt freedom

Everyone agrees that Greece needs to implement reforms and restructure the public sector. They may not put as much emphasis on these two points as they should, but they always say it.
Paschos Mandravelis: March 12, 2011