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Greece seeks loan deal by end of May

Greece has said it wants to reach a loan deal with its international creditors by the end of this month.
BBC: May 18, 2015

Germany urges Greece to undertake reforms to unlock funds

German politicians kept up the pressure on Greece over the weekend to implement reforms, with Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel warning Athens in an interview that a third aid package would not be on the cards unless the Greeks made some changes.
Reuters: May 17, 2015

Greece rules out bailout deal that won’t allow crisis exit

Greece’s finance minister insisted Thursday that he will reject any deal with international bailout creditors that does not help the country exit its economic crisis.
Washington Post: May 14, 2015

Greece to plead leeway as IMF cash crunch looms

Greece will plead for leeway from an unwavering Europe on Monday, in a fresh effort to free up cash after months of deadlock in bailout talks.
The Business Insider: May 11, 2015

Greece seeks eurozone recognition of economic progress

The Greek government is urging eurozone ministers to recognise progress made in talks, on the eve of major debt repayment to the IMF.
BBC: May 11, 2015

No accord seen imminent on Greek bailout funds

European Union officials said Friday that talks between Greece and its international creditors were making progress but that it was unlikely an agreement on Athens receiving emergency bailout funds
May 9, 2015

Schaeuble Warns Defaults Can Surprise Before Greece Test

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned that sovereign defaults can catch officials off guard as Greece prepares for a finance ministers’ meeting Monday with the European Central Bank threatening to tighten the screw.
Bloomberg: May 9, 2015

Greek PM forecasts 'happy end'; Eurogroup chief cites progress in talks

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras forecast a happy end soon to fraught negotiations with creditors on a cash-for-reform deal, and the chairman of euro zone finance ministers said talks were making progress,
GlobalPost: May 9, 2015

Defiant Greece rehires public staff despite bailout talks

Greece is rehiring thousands of public sector workers, including cleaning ladies, despite sustained pressure from its international creditors.
BBC: May 8, 2015

EU, IMF, ECB: We're not the reason Greece bailout talks are deadlocked

The EU and IMF hit back Wednesday at accusations by Athens that internal rifts were blocking a bailout deal as cash-poor Greece survived yet another big interest payment averting bankruptcy.
The Business Insider: May 7, 2015