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Greece's day of destiny takes bizarre turn with phantom eurozone summit

Athens’ fate may soon be determined regardless as despite no breakthrough and another wrong paper fiasco, proposals were welcomed as ‘detailed and credible’
Guardian: June 22, 2015

Greece spells out terms for 'breakthrough' on debt crisis

Greece's economy minister has spelled out the terms of new proposals to end deadlock on its debt crisis, amid hopes a deal can now be struck this week.
BBC: June 22, 2015

Stathakis: Greece rescued

In an exclusive interview, to be broadcast shortly, Greece's economy minister Giorgos Stathakis has told me that he believes Greece's new proposals to balance the government's books have broken the deadlock with its creditors.
BBC: June 22, 2015

Eurozone officials focus on Greek debt as repayment deadline nears

Officials in the 19-nation eurozone are focusing on debt-ridden Greece in a series of meetings Monday as they work to prevent the country from defaulting on its loan payments at the end of the month.
June 22, 2015

Greece deal urged as new proposals offered ahead of debt summit

Greece's new proposals offered to European leaders ahead of a crunch summit Monday offered a ray of hope that a deal to end the country's debt crisis can be struck after five months of deadlock.
The Business Insider: June 22, 2015

Europe, IMF await new Greek concessions

Negotiations are expected to resume this weekend between Greece and its EU-IMF creditors seeking a deal on bailout funding for Athens, ahead of a crucial summit of eurozone leaders to avert a Greek default and likely euro exit.
The Business Insider: June 20, 2015

Greece hopeful of last-ditch deal despite default warnings

hens said it was still hopeful for an 11th-hour deal to stop it defaulting on its debt, as despairing Greek savers withdrew their cash from the country's troubled banks ahead of fresh talks next week.
Yahoo! News: June 20, 2015

Agreement uncertain at Greek debt summit

The leaders of the 19 countries that use the euro will hold a crisis summit Monday to try to avoid a financial default by Greece, and possibly its exit from the euro group.
June 19, 2015

Greece lurches towards euro exit

European Central Bank calls emergency summit after talks end in acrimony.
New Zealand Herald: June 19, 2015

Tsipras: Greece will stay in the Eurozone

e Greek prime minister has promised that "there will be a solution to the Greek debt crisis that will allow the country to return to growth while staying in the eurozone."
June 19, 2015