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EU, IMF, ECB: We're not the reason Greece bailout talks are deadlocked

The EU and IMF hit back Wednesday at accusations by Athens that internal rifts were blocking a bailout deal as cash-poor Greece survived yet another big interest payment averting bankruptcy.
The Business Insider: May 7, 2015

Greece says sticking to 'red lines', wants concessions from lenders

Greece's government is sticking to its non-negotiable "red lines" on labour and pension issues and expects its EU and IMF creditors to also make concessions to reach a deal, the government spokesman said on Thursday.
Reuters: May 7, 2015

Our policy statements are our red lines, Alternate Min. Stratoulis says

"Lenders seek to apply the zero deficit clause, but the government will table its cancellation," Alternate Minister for Social Insurance Dimitris Stratoulis on Wednesday said in statements to ANT1 TV.
May 6, 2015

Greece Slams Creditors As IMF Default Avoided

Greece makes its latest debt repayment but the government hits out at its lenders as the country slides towards bankruptcy.
Sky News: May 6, 2015

ECB Mulls Tighter Greece Rules After 100 Days of Tsipras

European Central Bank officials will debate tighter rules for the liquidity that Greek lenders rely on for survival, two people familiar with the matter said, a move that underscores the fragility of the country’s financial system.
Bloomberg: May 6, 2015

Greece Attacks Creditors as ECB Considers Next Step

Greece blamed its creditors for the failure to end the impasse over its fiscal crisis as government bonds slumped and the European Central Bank weighs how much more liquidity to offer its financial system.
Bloomberg: May 6, 2015

Greece's 'Blazing Saddles' Strategy Isn't Working

There's a scene in the 1974 Mel Brooks movie "Blazing Saddles" where the besieged sheriff points a gun at his own head and threatens to shoot himself if the townspeople threatening to kill him don't back off.
Bloomberg View: May 6, 2015

Greece to finalise airports deal 'immediately' - source

Greece will finalise "immediately" a 1.2-billion-euro (£883.2 million) deal with Fraport (FRAG.DE) to run regional airports and reopen bidding for a majority stake in Piraeus port
Reuters: May 5, 2015

Greece steps up diplomacy to avert cash crunch

Greece stepped up diplomacy with euro zone partners on Tuesday to try to avert a potentially catastrophic funding crunch this month, when it must make a big debt repayment to the IMF as cash reserves dry up.
Reuters: May 5, 2015

Greece wants funds as talks progress

Greece called Monday for its creditors to give it a bit of financial breathing room thanks to renewed progress in talks, warning there was no money left to keep paying off its debt and running the everyday government.
The Business Insider: May 4, 2015