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Greek pensions reform sparks protests in test for Tsipras

Farmers, workers, lawyers join first general strike of year. Reform poses the biggest test to Tsipras's political survival
Bloomberg: February 4, 2016

State Minister rules out withdrawal of pension reforms bill

"The government is not discussing the withdrawal of the bill on pension reforms," State Minister Alekos Flambouraris said in an interview with RealNews newspaper on Sunday.
January 31, 2016

Tsipras: 'Either the social security system will change or it will collapse'

The struggle for change is not book theories but daily action, said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addressing a SYRIZA event on the first year anniversary of SYRIZA-Independent Greeks governance
January 25, 2016

Stournaras: 'Social security reforms are in the right direction'

The government's proposals on social security reforms are moving in the right direction, Bank of Greece (BoG) governor Yannis Stournaras late on Tuesday said in an interview with Skai TV,
January 13, 2016

Government: 'ND-PASOK governments 'used all methods' for undermining pension system'

Government sources on Sunday replied sharply to critics of the proposed pension system reforms, noting that the previous PASOK and New Democracy governments bore a large share of the blame for the current state of the system.
January 10, 2016

Greek social security reform protesters clash with police

Protesters from a communist-backed union have clashed with police during a demonstration in Athens against social security reforms. The changes are part of Greece's new bailout program and would significantly increase contributions workers have to pay into the funds.
The Tand January 8, 2016

Tsipras: It is our social responsibility to safeguard the sustainability of the social security system

It is our social responsibility to safeguard the sustainability of the social security system and we owe it to the next generations, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Thursday
January 7, 2016

Labor Minister: Bill on social security reforms will pass

The draft law for the social security reforms will be tabled in Parliament in January because it is a prior action for the first evaluation, Labor Minister George Katrougalos said
January 3, 2016

Labor minister proposes merging all main social security funds

Labor, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity Minister George Katrougalos proposed merging all main social security funds into one, as one way to reform the sector, according to an interview in Greek financial daily Imerisia.
November 2, 2015

Tsipras: 'Greece needs a viable, equitable social security system'

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ranked the three main issues which the government and SYRIZA will be called to tackle in the immediate future - the social security system, the refugee crisis and the restructuring of SYRIZA
October 23, 2015